Mundiquímica | distribuidores de materia prima para cosmeticos

The Company

A company that is born with a lot of experience.

His main partner has in his history 35 years of experience in large companies in the area, making Mundiquímica stand out in the chemical inputs market for various segments.

Through our direct relationship with Chinese manufacturers, we have got the ability and agility to import several types of products and we have achieved better negotiations to offer you high quality and competitive prices.

A local company with global recognition: your best choice!


Mundiquimica's Mission | chemical company

To be the link between customers and chemical manufacturers in Brazil and abroad through sustainable solutions.

Vision, Mission Statement

Mundiquimica's Vision | chemical company

“Be the best company among the main chemical distributors in Brazil, with differentiated service to customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees, adding value in all operations.”


Mundiquimica's Values | chemical company
  • Business Transparency
  • Humility
  • Sustainability
  • Work Ethics and respect
  • Social and environmental responsibility
  • Quality


  • Ministério da agricultura e do abastecimento
  • Anvisa
  • Polícia Federal
  • Polícia Civil
  • Ibama

Social and Environmental

Our planet, our home!

In order to reduce and, whenever possible, eliminate the impacts of our actions on the environment, we have created a sustainable and human policy and we are attentive to all the processes that involve our activities, from the acquisition to the final delivery of the product.

We analyze our entire production chain: the factories from which we buy the products and their certifications, the transport process in the safest way, the most appropriate handling. We are careful that all stages and actions are in accordance with local and international rules.

Responsabilidade socio-ambiental

Our children, our future!

In the social aspect, we are committed to assisting AACD (Association for the Support of Disabled Children). Regardless of the company's results, part of our financial turnover is aimed at treating children with cancer at the institution, as we believe in doing good and bringing dignity and adequate care to those who need it most and who are part of the generation that is the future of our country!